The AARG ( Australasian Audio Repairers Guild) is a group of well seasoned, highly experienced professional audio service technicians and installers from around Australasia.

We are a group that demands a set standard of ability and skills and familiarity of recording, public address, electronic audio synthesis, musical instrumentation and understanding of all standards and procedures within the professional audio industry.

We intend to hold the MI and pro audio industry accountable for the service, parts supply and repair of all professional audio and musical equipment.

We intend to become a body for importers, distributors and manufacturers to look to for information, advise and quality of support.

Look for the AARG logo when looking for professional audio service.

The current members of AARG are

Guy Benfield - Electric Audio Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand
Lukas Brock - Discotechs, Melbourne, Australia
Steve Caldwell – Norwest Productions, Sydney, Australia
Emerald Clark - Audio Technical Services, Wellington, New Zealand
Mike Diack – Auckland, New Zealand
Josh Dodd - Livesound, Auckland, New Zealand
David Duffy - Audio Visual Devices, Queensland, Australia
Lance Edmonds - Livesound, Auckland, New Zealand
Grant Ettrick – EAV/ SL1200Dex, Perth, Australia
John Farkas – Bettermusic, ACT, Australia
Patrick Grahvendy - Ubertech Services, Sunshine Coast, Australia
Andrew Harding - Eastern Keyboard Service, Melbourne, Australia
Tony Hedges - Wakefield Electronics, Wellington, New Zealand
Tim Hennessy - Shamrock Electronics, Canberra, Australia
Martin Holmes – Logitronics, Melbourne, Australia
Stan Holroyd - Standard Ampworks, Ryde, NSW, Australia
Warren Huck – Hux Electronics, Brisbane, Australia
Steve Jones - Synth.Expert, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Steven Lannan - Quest Engineering, Melbourne, Australia
Paul Mallon – Creative Sound Workshops, Christchurch, New Zealand
Joe Malone - JLM Audio, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Mark Maloney - Vintech, Auckland, New Zealand
Chris Buck-Marshall - Sick Amps, Harlow, Essex, UK
Warren McAlister – Phase Engineering/ MC Systems, Sydney, Australia
Peter McCarthy - Peter McCarthy Audio Services, Melbourne, Australia
John Preist - AV Team, Brisbane, Australia
Andy Rolfe - Sharpe Sounds, Perth, Australia
Mike Schupbach - Audiosmith, Napier, New Zealand
Alexander Sirotnikov - Alex Proaudio, Haifa, Israel
Rob Squire – Pro Harmonic, Adelaide, Australia
Dick Straight - Open Ear Audio, Melbourne, Australia
Aaron Taylor - Taylored Warez, Melbourne, Australia
Darryl Watson - Watson Electronics Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Australia
Brad Webb - Brad's Guitar Garage, Sydney, Australia
Geoff Williamson - Doppler Audio, Victoria, Australia
Marcus Wilson - Audio Technical Services, Wellington, New Zealand
Geoff Wood - PAF, Wellington, New Zealand

If you are a ProAudio repairer as your main income and feel you could benefit from joining the AARG, please send an email request to info(at) and give us a brief résumé of your experiences.